Brewster Demolishes Old School House in Maryville, IL!

March 18, 2014


2903 Keebler Road











Each structure Brewster demolishes has a history and sometimes we are told these stories by the owner.  However, most of the time the history of these structures are forgotten or are lost forever on its final day of existence.  We at Brewster feel honored to not only share the history of this structure at 2903 North Keebler Road in Maryville, but have strong family ties to this building as did most of the neighbors back in the 1950’s.  First and foremost, some structural background about this building:

  • Built in 1950 (I have heard earlier than that…possibly the 1920’s)
  • 1,269 square feet
  • 6 Total Rooms (Was only 1 room)
  • Located approximately 234 feet North West of Lorry Lane and Keebler Road in Maryville, IL

The uniqueness of this building is that back in the 1940’s & 50’s this structure was the only School House in the Maryville area.  In fact, members of the Brewster family actually attended school at this building off North Keebler.  From what I understand, this was a recognized Collinsville Unit 10 Elementary School that held grades 1-6 .  The school had one teacher with maybe 30 students max.  Quite a bit different than the massive schools of today.  Also, bus service was not offered so the kids either walked to school or were dropped off by their parents.  At the time, the building had one large room which held all grades in attendance.   Not only did this room hold class, but it was also used for community meetings.  Furthermore, the Brewster’s along with the surrounding neighbors met at this building to decide on plans to run the first water service line from Collinsville to the North Keebler area residents.

Regrettably, after the final piece of this structure fell and the last of 50+ tons of demo debris was hauled to the landfill, we at Brewster always hope that the people of Maryville and surrounding areas will remember this structure and never forget what it did for the youth of our past and the leaders of our future.

2903 N Keebler Rd














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